Button – Rollover with Fade


Toggle – With 2 Photos

Toggle – Title with animated arrow

Toggle – Single Arrow

Toggle – Basic Functions


Animate – Text on Hover

Animate – Flip Panels

Animate – Easing Properties

Animate – Button Box Outline

Animate – Scale Text

Animate – Fade in and move

Animate – Delay

Animate – Between Classes


Navigation – Back to top button

Navigation – Fade in Navigation Background

Navigation – Menu Pull Down

Navigation – Top Down Menu

Navigation – Full Page Menu

Navigation – Push Menu

Navigation – Push Menu Right Left

Navigation – Hamburger Icons

Navigation – cssmenu

Navigation – Jquery drop down (link)


Header – Resize Logo

Header – Image with Vertical Height


Image – hover text over image

Image – Various Hover Effects for Desktop/Mobile

Image – Fade text in over image and link

Image – Animated Panel Effect with button over image

Image – Horizontal Image Accordian

Image – Hover with Text

Image – Reveal images on rollover

Image – background fader slider

Image – Fader Slider

Image – Hover

Image – Slick Slider

Image – Display Random


PopUp – On Button Press


Display – Intro Message

Display – Fade in Divs

Display – Fade in Divs with movement

Display – Fade in on Page Load

Display – Fade in on Scroll

Display – Fade in on Scroll with animate.css

Display – Fade in on Scroll by Two

Display – Always Center

Display – Parallax Effect

Display – Sticky top

Display – Sticky distance from top